Embodied Trauma Recovery (ETR)

Heal From The Past, Empower Your Present, and Transform Your Future.

Why the ETR Model?

Deep Healing

Address trauma as the root cause of shame and self-esteem issues for profound, lasting healing.


Construct a new, empowered self-image, full of resilience and free from the burden of childhood trauma


Reconnect with your True Worth Essence, the unchanging core of your self-worth and abundance.

The ETR Journey:

From Understanding to Transformation


& Resourcing

Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to begin changing unhealthy patterns.



Envision a trauma-free future of empowerment and worthiness.


& Empowerment

Heal from traumatic memories with the Empowered Solution Protocol.


& Accountability

Resolve core issues and redefine relationships that matter most.


& Maintenance

Reinforce progress and prepare for a future full of hope and resilience.

What is True Worthy Essence?

What is Somatic-Emotional Imagery?

Meet Brent Peak, LPC

Brent Peak is a clinically-trained Trauma Recovery Specialist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and the creator of the Embodied Trauma Recovery (ETR) model. With a deep personal understanding of childhood trauma and its effects, Brent has dedicated his career to helping others navigate their healing journey. His unique approach combines elements of Post Induction Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and somatic therapy, providing a path to healing, empowerment, and transformation.

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